Monday, February 7, 2011

I can't believe it's been a YEAR!

One year ago today, my husband, Brandon, proposed to me. It was such an amazing day, so I thought I would relive it today by blogging about it and telling y'all the story through pictures. :) It was such an incredible day and I was completely surprised! I tend to pride myself on the fact that I know what he's thinking before he thinks I just knew that when he would propose...I would have already figured out his plan...I was wrong.
My whole family came in town to celebrate my birthday (tricky....because my birthday is February I didn't suspect a thing when they all came in town the weekend before the 10th). So the plan was that on Sunday after church, we were going to go out to eat to celebrate my birthday before they all had to leave town to go home. So...Sunday comes and I was teaching kids church so I was not in the sanctuary during the sermon. Little did I know that Pastor made an announcement at the end of the service that "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammond would like to invite you to come witness the engagement of their daughter, Jerica, to Mr. Brandon Hibner in the gym after the service". lets out and people start piling into the gym (this is typical because people come back there after church to pick up their I still notice nothing). Brandon comes to me and says..."come here... I have a birthday gift for you" I reply with "Honey, not now...I'm working...people are coming to pick up their kids" (ha!) So eventually, he drags me out into the middle of this crowd of people (at this point, I figured out something was up...)
While he was talking to me, I had no idea what was going on behind me. (You know because you can see in the picture :) I can't even remember what all he said to me because at this point, I was already freaking out....but it was something along the lines of "You know how much I love you right? You're the love of my life and I need you to turn around."
So...I turn around and this is what I see....
AHHHHHHH! :) Some of the children who I am closest to at church (most of these kids were actually in the wedding) are holding the signs that say "Will you marry me?" So...when I turned BACK around...THIS is what I saw...
I said yes. ;)
Here's the ring....

When I said yes, people started blowing noise makers, holding signs that said "Congrats", and there were even people up above that threw balloons over the balcony! It was unbelieveable!
You have to understand how important our church family is to us...I grew up in this church and now I'm even on staff there. We are very close to several people who go to RC3 and we really consider them all our family. So how wonderful to have them all there to experience this with us?!?!?!?!?
End of the story, right? No...there's more...
So after the big celebration and the incredible ring, I still think we are going out to eat with my family to celebrate my birthday (and now our new engagement!). On our way to the restaurant, I was on the phone telling my grandmother the news and didn't even pay attention to the fact that Brandon was pulling into a place that wasn't even close to the restaurant. We get there, get out of the car, and walk in and I still have no idea what's going on because I'm still overwhelmed by what just happened...we walk in to....
A SURPRISE engagement party!! WOW! :) There was food, a DJ, friends, family, and SO much fun! I couldn't even stand myself I was so happy.

They even used the "Will you marry me" signs in the decor. :)
My sisters, parents, friends, and in-laws had a huge part in helping Brandon pull this off.
Sisters. :)
My cute parents. :)
My nieces/flower girls. :) They didn't plan a thing...just showed up to have fun...but they're cute, so I wanted to post a picture of's my blog. ;)
It was absolutely an UNFORGETTABLE day and one I'll talk about for years to come! I thought that I could never be happier when I was his fiance....then I became his wife. God blesses us so much every single day. I could never have dreamed of a more perfect man than the one God has given to me. I am so thankful.


  1. i love this post!!! i knew the just of how he proposed, but i loved reading every detail!!! great memories :) and proof of bran's inner crafter

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I had seen a few pictures of this, but I'm so glad to hear all the details!! :) How great that your whole church family was involved- very fitting! Way to go, Brandon!! Happy engagement anniversary!!

  3. This is such a sweet story! What a beautiful way to begin your life together! Happy Anniversary!! :-)