Monday, January 31, 2011

What a slob...

Do you ever get a new pair of sneakers and use them as an excuse to wear sweats all of the time?


Friday, January 28, 2011

The post you've all been waiting for....or not.

Maybe nobody is reading this and y'all don't give a hoot. Ha! :) Either way...I'm SO excited to finally share my perfect trunk and pillows with you.
Here's the story...I bought the perfect trunk but couldn't possibly post pictures until I had the perfect pillows to go on I started searching............nothing perfect enough with a newlywed pricetag. guessed it...I had to make them. :)
I HATE spending money on pillows...I think they're all too ridiculously priced so I usually end up spending $5 at Wal-Mart in the Clearance bin...that's fine with me. ;) And I also hate buying expensive fabric. But for these pillows I wanted good quality fabric because they HAD to be perfect. Well...I couldn't find any fabric that I really loved at a good price and (since I'm impulsive and impatient) I wanted these pillows NOW! So, I checked my closet. Yes, the closet where I keep my clothes. And it proved to be genius. Look what I found....
This dress is too small for me. Yes, it's cute...but I haven't worn it in like 3 years. It was time to give it up. And what perfect timing it was! Check out that pattern...and it's the PERFECT red! So...I used this old ragged pillow that I've been keeping for a time like this...
snipped the buttons off, made a new pillowcase with my dress fabric, and VOILA!
Perfect. Love the print. Love the color.
Moving on...
This pillow is wonderful...but I wasn't finished yet. **Remember when I said that I'm not even close to being a minimalist???**
I saw this beauty while reading my friend Joy's blog.
And I instantly knew that I HAD to have a pillow like this one on my trunk. So...instead of buying it...I used materials that I ALREADY had and made a version of it myself!
I already had a pillow that shape that I wasn't using (I may be a pillow hoarder...) and I made the cover and letters out of felt. The feather boa was a leftover from my wedding. **I have enough feathers to cover my entire house...not even joking.** now that the pillows are finished...let's talk about the trunk. Here is a picture of the wall BEFORE the trunk.
Not terrible...but I felt like it looked a little empty. **Remember when I told you that I have the best husband ever?'s more proof...he doesn't even care that we have a picture of Audrey Hepburn hanging in our bedroom...**
Here it is AFTER....
**Pretend that my reflection isn't there...I'm such a skank. :) I just wanted to get the best angle for the picture...and y'all had to see it straight on!**
So I moved Audrey and replaced her with a mirror that I bought at a yard sale for $3! It was black but I wanted it to be I just gave her a quick coat of spray paint. No biggie. I'm in love. I have tried to use lots of different prints in our black, white, and red I had to add one more with the zebra trunk. Do you love it or what??

Every time I see it, I love it more. Thank you, Hobby Lobby!
My next project for our bedroom?
Putting something fabulous in these puppies. I thought about wedding pictures...but I have an even better plan now. Stay tuned....

I told you she was so hot right now...

My friend, Maggie (from Black and White side by side), is guest blogging on TATERTOTS AND JELLO today! read that right...Tatertots and Jello...only one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Check out her post here and make sure you comment! You will die when you see the wreath she's so bloody cute I could die! WAY TO GO MAGS!!! See? I told you she was so hot right now... ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you can't find it, make it!

We are trying to get our guest bedroom all "put together" before this weekend when my parents come for a visit. :) The bedding (that we bought at Macy's for a STEAL!) is kind of adorable and funky. The walls are painted a sherbert(ish) green color and the bedding is red, purple, and green. So it's kind of loud...just the way I like it. ;) Since we are poor newlyweds, I don't want to spend much (if any) money on the rest of the room decor. Lucky for us I'm somewhat of a hoarder (not a severe, needs to be turned in to the TV show hoarder...but I have lots of useful stuff in the attic...and in every closet...and probably under every bed...) and have lots of things that could possibly just be re-vamped! So, last night, I started milling around said attic and closets and under bed spaces and found a framed art piece that I bought at Gabe's for seriously like $1. I have always loved it and it used to hang in my bedroom before B and I got married and changed the decor of the Master bedroom. Now, it doesn't work in any room of the house. So I'm taking it apart and using the frame.
Now...what to replace the art in the frame with?? What's cheap (free) and cute??? Say it with me now...


It's so hot right now! So...I began searching the interweb to find something that would would be perfect for the frame...nothing. I found some cute stuff...but nothing that really jumped at me. So...of course my next thought was (the same thought of ANY creative/crafter) I'll just make one myself! Here's what I came up with.....
When we were little, every day before we left for school, my mom would say "Don't forget to walk with Jesus and make somebody smile!" I know...I told you she's adorable. So that's the reason why I chose that saying. I think it's something that I will pass on to my own children someday. I'll post a picture of the art in the frame when I get everything put together. :) I think you'll like it.

Want to make your OWN printable? Just get creative! Use Publisher and play around with different word art, auto shapes, colors, etc. It's fun, easy, and FREE! :) Here's a tip...go to and find some cool, free fonts to use! It'll give you some options besides your typical Times New Roman. ;)

Have a wonderful Thursday...Friday's a comin!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day(cor) :)

I know I said I was gonna post my perfect pillows...and I still will...but I ran into a big of a snag in my plan :) Instead, I decided to post my Valentine's Day front porch decor :) I'm very excited to show y'all this stuff!
Remember this post? The one where I said that I had one more project to post but I wanted to finish one more thing before I did?? Well...I made a super cute wreath for the front porch...but I wanted to make a few pillows for the bench before I posted the pic of the here are the finished pillows!
The red ones came from IKEA...I can't take credit for those guys! But the heart printed ones were the ones that I made. My mom and I found that fabric at JoAnn on Black Friday, and I knew that I needed it for my Valentine's Day porch :)
The fabric for the pillows inspired the wreath...I have seen a wreath like this one before on several different blogs...but I wanted to make one of my own and put my own spin on it. :) she is...

What do you think??? I hope you don't hate it because I'm kind of in love. How do YOU decorate for Valentine's Day???

**Please STAY TUNED for the pillows! They're the PERFECT pillows for my PERFECT trunk (mentioned here). Brace really is perfect.**

A little blog teaser ;)

You should be excited about the pillows that I'm gonna post (hopefully) this evening. :) You might just die.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Momma's napkin foldin'

My momma is the reason for my interest in crafts and creative things...she is the most creative and talented person that I know. She can do it all, folks! And she's adorable. See for yourself...

This picture was taken at one of my bridal showers...she is the cutest! :)

Anywho...Momma always has a new way to fold her napkins when she sets a beautiful table for her guests. I was especially impressed with her table setting at Christmas this year...and I loved the napkins!

I love how wintery and festive the table is without being your typical greenery and red bows Christmas table.

So I had to know how she folded (what she calls) her "Poinsettia Napkins". When you really look at them they do look like a poinsettia...but I think they can be used year round! Like tonight for example :) B's parents are coming over for dinner. Here's a little tutorial on the napkin folding. It'll impress your guests without much effort on your part! YAY!

Start with a square napkin (you can see the fold lines in mine...I had to practice before posting...)

Fold each corner into the center.

Repeat this step folding the corners into the center again.

Hold the folds down and flip the folded napkin over.

Now, fold your corners into the center one more time.

Here's the part that is the trickiest to show through's not hard to do, just hard to explain. Hold the center of your folded napkin with one hand, and with the other pull out the underneath layer of each corner. Don't pull it all the way out...but pull it enough to make the petals of your flower.

After you pull out all four petals, pull out the underneath layer on the straight edges to make the "leaves" of your flower.

Slap that puppy on a plate and TA DA! How impressive are YOU? :)

I promise that is the same's black but for some reason it looks a little bit navy in the tutorial pics...

**Don't tell my mother that you saw that dirt or whatever that is on my rug...I promise I'm gonna run the sweeper before my company arrives**

I added a little felt rosette to the center that I also used here because you can use these suckers for ANYTHING!

My table doesn't look as cute as my mom's did...but it'll work for a relaxed dinner with family. :)

Good luck with the napkin folding! Let me know if you do it! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute (EASY) DIY headband :)

I don't have a tutorial for you shoot me. :) But I DO have pictures (pretty terrible ones...I took them with my phone...but you'll get the point) of a super cute DIY headband that I made one evening while watching TV with my husband. **We were actually watching THE BACHELOR! Didn't I tell you that my husband is the best ever??**
I bought the headband at the Dollar Tree. I believe that it came in a pack of like 3 or 5 headbands...they were covered in fabric and were all different colors. I just snipped off the end of the fabric and slid the dark gray plastic headband right out. Dark gray was more of the color that I wanted...the neon yellow wasn't quite what I was looking for :) I'm not even kidding when I say that I may be OBSESSED with the Dollar Tree. So much just have to get creative! :) here are my terrible/embarrassing pictures. **I took them when I was at work...hence the bright green wall paint...I'm the Children's Director at my church and my office is FUN and BRIGHT! Maybe I'll post pictures of it one day...when I have it clean, of course :)**
My outfit doesn't match my headband...don't judge me...I just put the headband on my head for the picture...I didn't wear it all day. :)

The felt flowers could be used for so many things! Not just adorning your oh so fabulous head. Wreaths? Pillows? Lapel pins? You name it, sister!

What I used to make this cute headband:
Headbands from the Dollar Tree
Hot glue
Needle and thread
The end.

I might post a tutorial someday if y'all really want to know how to make this...if you don't really care...then neither do I. :)
Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to make it to church this Sunday. Jesus will be thrilled to see you there. :) Don't have a home church? Come to River Cities! We'd love to have you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some days one color just isn't enough...

This is what my nails look like today...
some days one color just isn't is one of those days.
**Making hairbows for a super cute cheerleading squad today...I'll post pics (and maybe even a tutorial) later!**

Monday, January 17, 2011

The perfect trunk....

On Saturday, the husband and I went to Hobby Lobby with the perfect trunk in mind to purchase for our bedroom. I had seen it there a week or so before and couldn't quit thinking about it. After a little decor Q & A with my craft night girls, we all decided that it would be the perfect addition to the Master Bedroom. The price was a little on the expensive side, but in true Hobby Lobby fashion, all of the furniture was 30% off last week! YAY! So off we go...I was seriously as giddy as a little girl on the way to buy her first pair of high heels...and of course he was just along for the ride. :) **I have the best husband ever, BTW.**
So we get to the "Hobster" (as my sisters and I refer to it...stupid I know...but it works for us) and the tag on the trunk does not reflect the sale I go skipping around the store looking for someone who can tell me the reason for this obvious (to me) mix-up. The guy checks with his manager and comes back to tell me that "Yes! The trunks are included in the 30% off all furniture sale!" I start celebrating....until he finishes what he was saying...."as long as they have a GREEN price tag". The color on my perfect (and I mean PERFECT) After the shock and feeling of complete and utter devastation...I almost just asked B (my hubby) if we could just suck it up and buy it at full price...but then I remembered that we need to eat and have heat in our house and probably water, I basically just moped out of the store trying to pretend that I was ok...
Now...on to the best part of the story...this is how much God cares about me. He was saving me from that "not good enough for my girl" 30% off sale! Look at the coupon He gave to me THIS WEEK!
Guess where I'm going as soon as I put my clothes on?? **I'm typing this in a towel because I couldn't wait one more second to post how much God cares about me...even when it comes to silly (but perfect) storage trunks. :) Guess what? He cares about YOU that much, too! I promise.**
I'll be posting a picture of my new trunk ASAP. You will die when you see's that perfect.
Happy MLK Jr. Day! So thankful that he had a dream!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Craft Night success story :)

She did it! She's a crafter! :) I'm so proud of my BFF! She completed 3 whole projects at craft night! AND...she enjoyed it! I forgot to take pictures of her final products...but I frantically texted her after she left and made her take pictures and send them to me so I could share them with y'all. :)
She decided to make the glamour gloves from Little Miss Momma and the cute headband from Mrs. Priss (she actually made 2 headbands!). Check out her craftiness!
I can't wait to see how cute her new gloves look with her houndstooth peacoat! Love them!
And what girl doesn't look adorable with a bow in her hair? I'm so proud :)

Craft night was a success all around. :) I was especially productive this week...I don't know what came over me...I finished several projects! I debated on whether or not to post pictures because I'm going to be ruining a few surprises by doing so...but then I thought...these people probably don't read my stupid blog anyway :) so what the heck? Here's what I finished at Craft Night last night...

I made one of those adorable felt flowers that I mentioned yesterday from Craft Snob. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet...but I KNOW that I'll be making more of them...I mean...have you ever seen anything cuter?? Thanks for the inspiration!

I also made these letters for my niece Jaycie Shaye. She and her parents (my little sister and brother-in-law) are actually moving in with us at the end of February. Patrick (my brother-in-law) got a job in the area so they're moving in with us until their house sells and they can find one here! I'm SO excited for them to be here!!!!!! :) So I made these letters to put in Jaycie's bedroom. Before I show you the letters, I have to show you a picture of my beautiful niece...she's such a ham and quite the little fashionista.
**She is also HILARIOUS.

Jaycie's momma, Danya, is preggo with Baby #2! :) My older sister, Gentry, and I are throwing her a bird themed baby shower in April. I made this little guy for the shower...don't know what I'm going to do with it yet...but it's cute nonetheless :) **I didn't finish this craft last night...I got most of it finished and completed it this morning.
My friend, Megan is preggo with a baby girl! She and her hubby Bart have a PRECIOUS little boy named Ethan who shares the same birthday as my niece, Sadie. They were born in the same hospital...15 minutes apart! Anywho...this next craft is a surprise spoiler because it's a gift for Megan! Her baby shower isn't until next month but whatever...I just couldn't wait to post it because I think it's adorable. :) A wreath for the hospital door after sweet Ella arrives!
I did finish one other project last night...but I'm not posting it yet. :) I have a little something I want to add to it and then I'll post the whole project...I're on the edge of your seat. My blog is so can hardly contain yourself.
I hope your Friday is full of happiness and craftiness! :) Keep that glue gun HOT! ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CRAFT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! read that's Thursday and that can only mean ONE's CRAFT NIGHT!! :) Some of my girlfriends and I have a weekly craft night and it's one of the highlights of my week. :) We have fun, act stupid, wear sweats, and CRAFT! I plan my crafts for craft night all week long and sometimes don't start new crafts because I want to save them for craft night...I know...It's probably an illness.
What could ever make craft night even more exciting? Well...the fact that my bestie, Jamie "Princess" Ward will be making her very first craft night appearance. Now, Princess would probably tell you that she's not much of a crafter...however, I have picked out a few crafts that I know she can do and that I'm hoping will peak her interest enough to start crafting more regularly. :) Here are some ideas I found for her...

A super cute bow headband from Mrs. Priss.

I think these felt flowers that I found at Craft Snob are to die for...I will probably be attempting these myself tonight....

How about these glamour gloves from Little Miss Momma? Too cute, huh? And how easy!

I found this coffee sleeve on Lavender and Limes. Easy breezy!

I'll let you know which craft she picks...and maybe even post a picture of her final product...if she'll let me. :) What projects would you suggest for a beginning crafter??

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

P.S. I love you...

I want to make this...
I don't know if I have the patience or talent...but I'm obsessed.
**BTW...I saw this on Flamingo Toes!