Monday, January 10, 2011

What's better than a toddler with a sugar high?

My sweet Sadie Bug is turning 3 in March! Sadie is my youngest niece and she is a stunning red headed princess. See for yourself....
**See? I'm not just saying it because I'm her aunt...she really is beautiful. :)
It's January...that means it's time to start planning her birthday party! My sister, Gentry (Sadie's mother), is good to let me take charge of her kids' birthday parties :) She knows that I'm psycho about how much I love them, so she lets me basically do whatever I want for their parties. :) Of course, the theme and all other decisions are cleared by her, but she always lets me do whatever I want. :) So....this year we talked about doing a "Sweet Shoppe" themed birthday party for our ever so sweet birthday girl!
I'm thinking lots of bright colors and lots of different sweet treats and candy everywhere! I totally want to knock off this idea from Jane of All Crafts ! Adorable "Pin the Candle on the Cupcake"
And check out these adorable crayons made as favors! A party favor that the kids will actually use! What kid doesn't love to color?? I mean...I still have coloring books for road trips...
Credit goes to Wendy in Florida for these puppies!

I will most definitely be making a version of these lollipop topiaries from Kara's Party Ideas !
How easy and perfect? They could be used as centerpieces or be put on the food table! Lovin' it!

Ok...this last inspiration is my favorite...I think I might be obsessed with this entire party featured on Hostess Blog. You have to check it out...I seriously wanted to post every single picture. I will never be able to pull something like this off...but it's fun to dream.
Those ice cream cone centerpieces are enough to kill ya. How girly and fun! Ugh...I can't take it.

Stay tuned for our version of a "Sweet Shoppe" birthday party! I'm sure I'll post at least a few pictures ;)

"This life wasn't meant to be the place of our perfection, but the preparation for it." -Martin Luther

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