Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute (EASY) DIY headband :)

I don't have a tutorial for you shoot me. :) But I DO have pictures (pretty terrible ones...I took them with my phone...but you'll get the point) of a super cute DIY headband that I made one evening while watching TV with my husband. **We were actually watching THE BACHELOR! Didn't I tell you that my husband is the best ever??**
I bought the headband at the Dollar Tree. I believe that it came in a pack of like 3 or 5 headbands...they were covered in fabric and were all different colors. I just snipped off the end of the fabric and slid the dark gray plastic headband right out. Dark gray was more of the color that I wanted...the neon yellow wasn't quite what I was looking for :) I'm not even kidding when I say that I may be OBSESSED with the Dollar Tree. So much just have to get creative! :) here are my terrible/embarrassing pictures. **I took them when I was at work...hence the bright green wall paint...I'm the Children's Director at my church and my office is FUN and BRIGHT! Maybe I'll post pictures of it one day...when I have it clean, of course :)**
My outfit doesn't match my headband...don't judge me...I just put the headband on my head for the picture...I didn't wear it all day. :)

The felt flowers could be used for so many things! Not just adorning your oh so fabulous head. Wreaths? Pillows? Lapel pins? You name it, sister!

What I used to make this cute headband:
Headbands from the Dollar Tree
Hot glue
Needle and thread
The end.

I might post a tutorial someday if y'all really want to know how to make this...if you don't really care...then neither do I. :)
Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to make it to church this Sunday. Jesus will be thrilled to see you there. :) Don't have a home church? Come to River Cities! We'd love to have you!

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  1. LOVE IT! I actually thought to myself that I would like the last head band you posted with the beautiful pearl embelishments you put on your H (No idea what the technical 'crafty' term for those are??) And YOU MADE IT! You have inspired me = )PS my Hubby totally sat through the Bachelor with me too.. aren't they the best??