Monday, January 24, 2011

Momma's napkin foldin'

My momma is the reason for my interest in crafts and creative things...she is the most creative and talented person that I know. She can do it all, folks! And she's adorable. See for yourself...

This picture was taken at one of my bridal showers...she is the cutest! :)

Anywho...Momma always has a new way to fold her napkins when she sets a beautiful table for her guests. I was especially impressed with her table setting at Christmas this year...and I loved the napkins!

I love how wintery and festive the table is without being your typical greenery and red bows Christmas table.

So I had to know how she folded (what she calls) her "Poinsettia Napkins". When you really look at them they do look like a poinsettia...but I think they can be used year round! Like tonight for example :) B's parents are coming over for dinner. Here's a little tutorial on the napkin folding. It'll impress your guests without much effort on your part! YAY!

Start with a square napkin (you can see the fold lines in mine...I had to practice before posting...)

Fold each corner into the center.

Repeat this step folding the corners into the center again.

Hold the folds down and flip the folded napkin over.

Now, fold your corners into the center one more time.

Here's the part that is the trickiest to show through's not hard to do, just hard to explain. Hold the center of your folded napkin with one hand, and with the other pull out the underneath layer of each corner. Don't pull it all the way out...but pull it enough to make the petals of your flower.

After you pull out all four petals, pull out the underneath layer on the straight edges to make the "leaves" of your flower.

Slap that puppy on a plate and TA DA! How impressive are YOU? :)

I promise that is the same's black but for some reason it looks a little bit navy in the tutorial pics...

**Don't tell my mother that you saw that dirt or whatever that is on my rug...I promise I'm gonna run the sweeper before my company arrives**

I added a little felt rosette to the center that I also used here because you can use these suckers for ANYTHING!

My table doesn't look as cute as my mom's did...but it'll work for a relaxed dinner with family. :)

Good luck with the napkin folding! Let me know if you do it! :)

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