Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day(cor) :)

I know I said I was gonna post my perfect pillows...and I still will...but I ran into a big of a snag in my plan :) Instead, I decided to post my Valentine's Day front porch decor :) I'm very excited to show y'all this stuff!
Remember this post? The one where I said that I had one more project to post but I wanted to finish one more thing before I did?? Well...I made a super cute wreath for the front porch...but I wanted to make a few pillows for the bench before I posted the pic of the here are the finished pillows!
The red ones came from IKEA...I can't take credit for those guys! But the heart printed ones were the ones that I made. My mom and I found that fabric at JoAnn on Black Friday, and I knew that I needed it for my Valentine's Day porch :)
The fabric for the pillows inspired the wreath...I have seen a wreath like this one before on several different blogs...but I wanted to make one of my own and put my own spin on it. :) she is...

What do you think??? I hope you don't hate it because I'm kind of in love. How do YOU decorate for Valentine's Day???

**Please STAY TUNED for the pillows! They're the PERFECT pillows for my PERFECT trunk (mentioned here). Brace really is perfect.**


  1. OMG - this is seriously the CUTEST! You're so talented and creative! Shake some of that off on ME! :-)

  2. I'm obsessed with that wreath!!!! I remember you working on it, but it turned out so cute with all the colors and the ribbon is perfect with it!!

  3. HELLO! It's perfect!!!! I might just have to drive by and see it in person. Don't mind me!