Friday, January 28, 2011

The post you've all been waiting for....or not.

Maybe nobody is reading this and y'all don't give a hoot. Ha! :) Either way...I'm SO excited to finally share my perfect trunk and pillows with you.
Here's the story...I bought the perfect trunk but couldn't possibly post pictures until I had the perfect pillows to go on I started searching............nothing perfect enough with a newlywed pricetag. guessed it...I had to make them. :)
I HATE spending money on pillows...I think they're all too ridiculously priced so I usually end up spending $5 at Wal-Mart in the Clearance bin...that's fine with me. ;) And I also hate buying expensive fabric. But for these pillows I wanted good quality fabric because they HAD to be perfect. Well...I couldn't find any fabric that I really loved at a good price and (since I'm impulsive and impatient) I wanted these pillows NOW! So, I checked my closet. Yes, the closet where I keep my clothes. And it proved to be genius. Look what I found....
This dress is too small for me. Yes, it's cute...but I haven't worn it in like 3 years. It was time to give it up. And what perfect timing it was! Check out that pattern...and it's the PERFECT red! So...I used this old ragged pillow that I've been keeping for a time like this...
snipped the buttons off, made a new pillowcase with my dress fabric, and VOILA!
Perfect. Love the print. Love the color.
Moving on...
This pillow is wonderful...but I wasn't finished yet. **Remember when I said that I'm not even close to being a minimalist???**
I saw this beauty while reading my friend Joy's blog.
And I instantly knew that I HAD to have a pillow like this one on my trunk. So...instead of buying it...I used materials that I ALREADY had and made a version of it myself!
I already had a pillow that shape that I wasn't using (I may be a pillow hoarder...) and I made the cover and letters out of felt. The feather boa was a leftover from my wedding. **I have enough feathers to cover my entire house...not even joking.** now that the pillows are finished...let's talk about the trunk. Here is a picture of the wall BEFORE the trunk.
Not terrible...but I felt like it looked a little empty. **Remember when I told you that I have the best husband ever?'s more proof...he doesn't even care that we have a picture of Audrey Hepburn hanging in our bedroom...**
Here it is AFTER....
**Pretend that my reflection isn't there...I'm such a skank. :) I just wanted to get the best angle for the picture...and y'all had to see it straight on!**
So I moved Audrey and replaced her with a mirror that I bought at a yard sale for $3! It was black but I wanted it to be I just gave her a quick coat of spray paint. No biggie. I'm in love. I have tried to use lots of different prints in our black, white, and red I had to add one more with the zebra trunk. Do you love it or what??

Every time I see it, I love it more. Thank you, Hobby Lobby!
My next project for our bedroom?
Putting something fabulous in these puppies. I thought about wedding pictures...but I have an even better plan now. Stay tuned....


  1. YOU ARE SO SMART AND CREATIVE! Seriously.. I'm amazed and a tiny bit jealous! ha ha ;-)

  2. Don't invite me to your'll find that mirror missing!

  3. You're amazing!!!! :) It all looks so perfect together!! Love the trunk, love both pillows, love the mirror!!! Seriously, they all go so beautifully together in your room!!! This was totally worth the wait :) I hope your next project for the picture frames about your bed are all pictures of me.

  4. it is perfect!!!! i can't wait to come to craft night at your house again and see it in real life!