Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first post!

My very first post! WHAT??? I'm so excited to start blogging! Here's the thing though...I am a mess. :) I am impulsive, scatter-brained, and unorganized. Sooooooo....if you're looking for a blog to read every day, this ain't it, Honey! :) I might post two days in a row...I might post two days a month...who knows? But as long as I explain myself in advance, it's cool, right?? :) If you're looking for a blog to read daily, hop on over to Black and White {sidebyside} . She's my crafting friend, Maggie, and she's so hot right now.
Ok...on to my first post.
My in-laws bought us a new TV for Christmas. It's a big one so we needed a new TV stand. Off to IKEA we went! I actually picked a bookshelf and decided that we could put the TV on top of it. It works and I love how it turned out!

[yes...that's my reflection in the TV...and yes...I'm in my robe]
After we put the new TV stand together, I hated everything else in my living room. So...I changed everything that was on the walls. Here's how it went...
Over the couch, I had these terrible mirrors. They're so ugly and cheap and I can't believe that I ever liked them. I didn't get rid of them, however, because I think I might be able to use them in the future to make them better. :)
[My reflection one more time! This time, I'm in my jammies...I promise I shower and leave the house sometimes....]
It was something like 6:30 in the morning when this started, so I couldn't really go shopping to find something to replace the mirrors... and since I'm impulsive, I needed something now! So, I began rummaging all over the house looking for things to use....
I found the empty frame that we used in some of our engagement pictures for a photo booth info card at the wedding. I bought it at a yard sale for $2. So I hung it on the wall and it still needed something. Since it was the living room, I kinda wanted something with some sort of meaning hanging on the wall. So, I went and got the bouquet that I carried at our wedding and started ripping it apart. :) Using the flowers from my bouquet, I made a wreath to hang in the center of the frame.
I tied that sucker with a white ribbon and TADA! I was instantly in like. The wall still needed something....framed engagement photos! YES!
[Pay no attention to the fact that my throw pillows are slouchy...and so is the couch...I would fluff it if you were coming over for a visit.] of the room...still stupid. Moving on to the wall behind the love seat. Here is what was there before (I'm embarrassed to even show this...I can't believe I ever thought this was acceptable).... sad little clock...that doesn't even work (that part I'm not too concerned about...I'm more about fashion than I am about function). So I moved the clock here....
much better!
I don't want you to think that I'm a one trick pony because of all of my photos...I'm just obsessed with pictures. I love to do photography on the side (Jerica Hammond Photo) so there you have my love for pictures...and that explains why they're ALL OVER my house. :) Here is what I decided to put over the love seat...
A 16x20 of one of my FAVORITE engagement pictures (taken by Jay Swann) and four little art prints that I bought at Hobby Lobby for $5 a piece! Can't beat it!
The living room is much better and I don't barf every time I look at it now. I still have one big wall that I haven't figured out yet...but when I do, you'll be the first (or last, depending on if I feel like posting it) to know. :)
One last thing....I had this giant H that I planned on using at our wedding...but I didn't use it because I spray painted it outside and forgot to bring it inside...Ha! However, when I found it, it had dried weird because the drop cloth blew on top of it and it had just been outside for probably 3 weeks. I liked I wanted to use it somewhere in the house!

My house is old and filled with what people like to call "charm". Textured walls (that I could most certainly do without), a curved arch way, a cute little mail slot, and lots of little nook type whats-its in the walls. I'm not going to even post what I had hanging here's too embarrassing...and dumb. But here's what I did with the giant H!

I added a few felt rosettes (I learned how to make these from Maggie! Tutorial here!) and some pearl beads that I had left over from the wedding (I made all of the jewelry for my bridesmaids! All 13 of them!). wasn't quite enough in the space (I'm by no means a minimalist). So I added a few more H's.
In the words of my 3 year old niece's babysitter (who is a 70 year old Italian woman who they call Nonni), "Do ya love it? Could ya just die?" :)
More projects to come! Don't give up on me if I don't post for a while...I promise I'll be back! ;)


  1. I know its your blog, and you'll post when you want to, but please post all the time!!!! I love what you did with your wedding bouquet! That could have been one post in itself!!! And then the H's... well I just shot myself in the head because they are so perfect.
    Cant wait to see your completed Valentines decor!!!!

  2. You are as hilarious as a blogger as you are in person!!! :) I love your blog!! The name is awesome, and I love all the new additions to the house!! All the H's are so cute- I'm jealous! Our Haser home needs more! :)

  3. Love it. And I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you came all the way to Cali and decorated my apartment with, by the way, the same TV stand. But we're on 2 different coasts so who will ever know?! ;-)

  4. Love what you did with the flowers & the frame! Great idea! And of course I love the "H"'s too!! You are so real, I enjoy your post!!

  5. Your house is so cute! :-)
    I'm your newest follower!!!