Friday, January 14, 2011

A Craft Night success story :)

She did it! She's a crafter! :) I'm so proud of my BFF! She completed 3 whole projects at craft night! AND...she enjoyed it! I forgot to take pictures of her final products...but I frantically texted her after she left and made her take pictures and send them to me so I could share them with y'all. :)
She decided to make the glamour gloves from Little Miss Momma and the cute headband from Mrs. Priss (she actually made 2 headbands!). Check out her craftiness!
I can't wait to see how cute her new gloves look with her houndstooth peacoat! Love them!
And what girl doesn't look adorable with a bow in her hair? I'm so proud :)

Craft night was a success all around. :) I was especially productive this week...I don't know what came over me...I finished several projects! I debated on whether or not to post pictures because I'm going to be ruining a few surprises by doing so...but then I thought...these people probably don't read my stupid blog anyway :) so what the heck? Here's what I finished at Craft Night last night...

I made one of those adorable felt flowers that I mentioned yesterday from Craft Snob. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet...but I KNOW that I'll be making more of them...I mean...have you ever seen anything cuter?? Thanks for the inspiration!

I also made these letters for my niece Jaycie Shaye. She and her parents (my little sister and brother-in-law) are actually moving in with us at the end of February. Patrick (my brother-in-law) got a job in the area so they're moving in with us until their house sells and they can find one here! I'm SO excited for them to be here!!!!!! :) So I made these letters to put in Jaycie's bedroom. Before I show you the letters, I have to show you a picture of my beautiful niece...she's such a ham and quite the little fashionista.
**She is also HILARIOUS.

Jaycie's momma, Danya, is preggo with Baby #2! :) My older sister, Gentry, and I are throwing her a bird themed baby shower in April. I made this little guy for the shower...don't know what I'm going to do with it yet...but it's cute nonetheless :) **I didn't finish this craft last night...I got most of it finished and completed it this morning.
My friend, Megan is preggo with a baby girl! She and her hubby Bart have a PRECIOUS little boy named Ethan who shares the same birthday as my niece, Sadie. They were born in the same hospital...15 minutes apart! Anywho...this next craft is a surprise spoiler because it's a gift for Megan! Her baby shower isn't until next month but whatever...I just couldn't wait to post it because I think it's adorable. :) A wreath for the hospital door after sweet Ella arrives!
I did finish one other project last night...but I'm not posting it yet. :) I have a little something I want to add to it and then I'll post the whole project...I're on the edge of your seat. My blog is so can hardly contain yourself.
I hope your Friday is full of happiness and craftiness! :) Keep that glue gun HOT! ;)


  1. Okay, first I had no idea about P, D and J moving in! Details please!

    2--I think you should put those yummy pompoms on a pair of black flats!

    3--Go Princess! And I'm definitely going to have to start coming to Craft Night!! love you!

  2. Craft success!!!!!
    And Bear knows that you love/appreciate him! He had other plans last night, which is why he didn't come to craft at your house.

  3. Your crafts are so cute!!! :-) I love that you have a craft night with your girls - that sounds like so much fun!!

  4. Sooo how'd you make that flower wreath? Its beautiful!