Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick little re-vamp...

I'm still working on my Valentine's Day decor for the front porch (tutorials and pictures will be posted when I'm finished!) but I wanted to hang something on the front door! So, I got out some of my old stuff and decided to re-vamp it a little just for the time being until the new stuff is finished!
Found one of these in the attic...I know...you've seen them everywhere...who DOESN'T have one of these in their attic??

I also found this little guy that I bought at A.C. Moore probably 2 or 3 years ago.

Hanging separately they're boring to say the least....but what would happen if I put them together somehow?? Here's what I did...
The heart has a little plastic ring at the top for hanging purposes.

The Xs & Os are held together with this twisted wire.

So...I took out my trusty little jewelry making plyers and un-did the wire on the top heart.

I took the heart off of the wire, threaded it (the wire) through the hanging ring on the heart, twisted the wire around the ring to keep it secure, and threaded the wooden heart back onto the wire.

The finished product??

Cute little Valentine's decor on my ugly Napoleon Dynamite front door.
**I really do have the same one that is in the movie...I'm thinking up a plan for it...maybe just a coat of paint...but hey, whatever helps!**


  1. SOOOO CUTE! :-)
    You're very creative and crafty!

  2. Um, yeah, I have one of those in my wreath closet...not as adorable as yours though!