Monday, January 17, 2011

The perfect trunk....

On Saturday, the husband and I went to Hobby Lobby with the perfect trunk in mind to purchase for our bedroom. I had seen it there a week or so before and couldn't quit thinking about it. After a little decor Q & A with my craft night girls, we all decided that it would be the perfect addition to the Master Bedroom. The price was a little on the expensive side, but in true Hobby Lobby fashion, all of the furniture was 30% off last week! YAY! So off we go...I was seriously as giddy as a little girl on the way to buy her first pair of high heels...and of course he was just along for the ride. :) **I have the best husband ever, BTW.**
So we get to the "Hobster" (as my sisters and I refer to it...stupid I know...but it works for us) and the tag on the trunk does not reflect the sale I go skipping around the store looking for someone who can tell me the reason for this obvious (to me) mix-up. The guy checks with his manager and comes back to tell me that "Yes! The trunks are included in the 30% off all furniture sale!" I start celebrating....until he finishes what he was saying...."as long as they have a GREEN price tag". The color on my perfect (and I mean PERFECT) After the shock and feeling of complete and utter devastation...I almost just asked B (my hubby) if we could just suck it up and buy it at full price...but then I remembered that we need to eat and have heat in our house and probably water, I basically just moped out of the store trying to pretend that I was ok...
Now...on to the best part of the story...this is how much God cares about me. He was saving me from that "not good enough for my girl" 30% off sale! Look at the coupon He gave to me THIS WEEK!
Guess where I'm going as soon as I put my clothes on?? **I'm typing this in a towel because I couldn't wait one more second to post how much God cares about me...even when it comes to silly (but perfect) storage trunks. :) Guess what? He cares about YOU that much, too! I promise.**
I'll be posting a picture of my new trunk ASAP. You will die when you see's that perfect.
Happy MLK Jr. Day! So thankful that he had a dream!


  1. ...exceedingly abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine...

  2. ha ha :-) Yaaaay! Can't wait to see the PERFECT trunk!!

  3. Post a picture! Post a picture! :)