Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top ten....errr 11 things ALL crafters need!

So I realized that some of y'all who actually read my blog are beginners when it comes to crafting.....aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd I love that. I love it when people who say "I'm not creative!" or "I wouldn't even know where to start!" or "Crafting just isn't my thing" come to realize that crafting can be fun for ANYBODY!'s up to you. If you're not inspired...copy. If you don't know how to do something...make up a way. If you are out of a blog. Just keep trying until you figure out what works for YOU!
Today's blog post is to help my new crafters (and maybe give some insight to those of you who are craft pros!). I have a top ten ( I'm sitting here typing it, I'm making it up :) list of things that ALL crafters need! I might even give you a little tip on how to use each thing....who knows...I'm making this up as I go along.
**These are in no particular order...just gonna type them as they pop into my head.**

10. Ribbon
Ribbon can be used for ALL sorts of things! It's easy to work with and just adds a little extra flair and finishing touch to any project. If you finish a project and feel like it still needs something...add a little ribbon. :) *Tip: Look in discount bins at craft many cute ribbons...CHEAP!

9. Felt
Image from The Silver Penny
You can do SO much with felt and it comes in so many wonderful colors! It's so hot right now! Best Part?? You don't have to finish edges...THANK YOU JESUS! I love to find the easy way to do things...and felt is that way! :)

8. GOOD scissors!
Image from Fiskars
Good doesn't have to mean expensive. Just make sure they're sharp! You'll save yourself a lot of headache if you have good scissors! ALSO... Make sure you have separate scissors for paper and fabric...don't confuse them! I'll pay off! :)

7. Foam paint brushes
These puppies always come in handy. Not just for paint projects. Which brings me to my next product....

6. Mod Podge!
Image from Art Stuff
Don't know what Mod Podge is? Well, had best learn about it, quick! It is a glue/sealer that works on virtually EVERYTHING. Use papers or fabrics to cover whatever you want when using this stuff. It has a bazillion uses and you won't regret spending the approximate $7 for the BIG container.

5. Yarn
You know what it find creative ways to use it. Yarn ain't just for knittin' and crochetin'! If it was...I would never use it because I don't know how to do either one of those things...

4. Fabric
Whether you buy it in yards or just scraps...have some handy. You never know what you might use it for...even if you don't sew. Trust.

3. Paper...plain and patterned!
You can always use paper to jazz something up! Think outside the box and use it for things you never thought you could. It'll surprise you.

2. Spray Paint
With all of the options out there, you can give almost ANYTHING a new look with a coat or two of spray paint. I'm serious. My advice on spray patient and follow directions. I know...out of character for me to tell you to actually read instructions...but every once in a while, you really should. Give it time to dry. If it needs another coat, wait the length of time it says to wait on the can. You'll be happy that you did.
My number one item that EVERY crafter should have...(I really did save this one for number ONE!)

Image from Glu Stix
Every seasoned crafter out there (like there are any who actually read this blog! HA!) is cheering right now. A hot glue gun is a crafters best friend. You can hot glue ANYTHING. I'm so serious. High temp glue works best for heavy duty projects and low temp is just fine for every day little craft projects. I can't stress enough how much I LOOOOOOOVE my hot glue gun. I almost always have it in my purse. (Yes, I just admitted that...) There are so many uses for it, I can't even stand it. Without a glue gun, I would NOT enjoy crafting as much...honest. You can buy them at the dollar store or even at hardware stores...they all work the same. You don't have to get fancy.

And now, since I actually came up with 11 things instead of 10....
A good tote bag to carry your crafting stuff to places where you want to multi-task!
I recommend the "Organizing Utility Tote" from Thirty-One! Love the pockets and the size is perfect! It comes in so many different prints and you can even get it personalized! ($22 for the bag and $6 extra to have it personalized!)

So there you have it, folks. My top ten (or 11). Anything I forgot? Tell me some things YOU can't live without in your every day crafting life! I would love to hear it!


  1. Do you have a crafting room or a crafting tote where you keep everything?? I'd really like to get into crafting.. but I don't know what to do with my stuff! :-)

  2. The glue gun had to be #1!!! Great list Jerica! I'd like to nominate the wreath form for your list! Wreaths are so hot right now!

  3. Yes! Love it! I bought Mod Podge back around wedding time and have never used it - think it's still good (3 years later?)