Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Country Chic Shower

Remember when I told you that I had a super cute shower to post about?'s the day for that post! :)
Two of my favorite girlfriends, Rachel and Rebekah, are twins and quite the little party planners! They are too creative and have great taste! They share my love of party planning and crafting, so my sisters and I love to have them around when it's time for a party! To show you how creative and adorable they's a picture from my Halloween wedding shower....
They were Barbies...a twin pack...IN THE BOX! So cute I could die :)

They also helped plan my first wedding was a shoe theme and it was SO perfect and cute!I'll have to post about this shower one was the best ever (and I'm not just saying that because it was for me!)!

Danya (my younger sister) and I got to help them set up (well...and Brandon came to carry heavy things like tables and stuff...good boy!)! We loved it! How fun! The shower was held at our church in the gym. So....when I tell you that I've got pictures from a shower that Rachel & Rebekah threw, you know it's gonna be good! Hold on to your seats're gonna love these pictures!
I loved all of the burlap and unfinished edges on had such a country vibe but it was so polished at the same time....
They made felt flowers for the back of each chair.....
They made these goodie bags for Ashley (the bride) and her sweet 4 year old daughter, Isa. I loved the rosettes on the bags!

How about these stenciled, burlap placemats???? Really? LOVE IT!

Funny story on the mason jars....I used these for my nephew's one year "Barnyard Birthday Bash" that we also had at church...and because I'm a mess...left them at the church for (good thing they love me here) So...the girls found them and said..."we don't know whose these are, but we thought they would be cute to use at the shower" Ha! So I said..."they're mine...and I'm glad you reminded me that they're still here!" HA! :) Good thing they found them, too...they're gonna be PERFECT for my little sister's baby shower in May! ;)

The favors were different earrings and rings wrapped in these cute little vintage looking jewelry boxes.

Even the food was all good down home southern cookin' :)

The yarn wreaths used on the lattice work were door prizes for the games they played at the shower! What a GREAT prize!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoy looking at them! HA! I loved how everything turned out and I wasn't surprised by how cute it was (considering the party planners!). Happy hump day!

**Rachel and Rebekah gave credit to Maggie's blog...Black and White {sidebyside} for most of their decor ideas. :)


  1. cute is this shower! i love it! i'm doing a similar theme for holly's shower in may... i love this! they did such an awesome job! funny thing is i messaged her earlier to ask how she felt about burlap! its so hot right now!

  2. WOW! This is amazing! Love it all!

  3. No way! I can't believe they gave me a shout out! This is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the placemats & all the rosettes!
    Next we need a post on the Sock Hop!